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  • Experienced Operational Due Diligence “ODD” Professional: Joshua has over 16 years of industry experience focused in Operational Due Diligence.  He has performed due diligence on or audited hundreds of funds or managers during his career with the experience ranging from some of the largest asset managers in the world to emerging manager and startup funds from locations throughout the globe covering most hedge fund strategies.
  • Investor Perspective: Joshua spent over 12 years at PAAMCO and has the institutional investor perspective.
  • Experienced Board Member: During his time at PAAMCO Joshua sat as a fund board member for over 30 different funds limiting himself to 18 at any given time.  Joshua also managed the firm’s fund boards working closely with a number of different directors and directorship firms.
  • Institutional Knowledge and Best Practices: Joshua has been an industry advocate of best practices among both investors and managers.  He is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and author of best practice documents.  He has been an active participant in shaping best practices participating with various organizations such as HFWG, AIMA, HFSB, SBAI, CHFA/CalALTS, and IMDDA.
  • Limited Relationships: Joshua brings an ODD approach which is bespoke, focused, and time intensive to fund directorships limiting the number of relationships he works with.
  • Independence: Independence is one of the key founding principles of the firm.
  • Trust and Integrity: Doing what is right and being fair to the investor has been Joshua’s top priority throughout his career.
  • Annual Onsite Visits: The firm brings an ODD approach to the fund governance industry and performs a minimum of one onsite visit to the manager each year.
  • Emerging Managers: One of Joshua’s key responsibilities at PAAMCO, as an early stage investor, was to help the emerging manager to be institutional quality.  Joshua has extensive experience working with managers to help them launch their businesses.
  • Passion and Focus: The biggest reason why Joshua launched this firm was because he loves doing this work.  Working with both managers and investors to improve the industry is Joshua’s passion and he is excited to continue working closely with both managers and investors.
  • Quality and Diversity: Valhalla believes that many managers and investors are seeking a higher quality in fund governance along with directors that have diverse industry experience.  There are not many active fund directors with experience similar to Valhalla’s with that of the investor perspective and operational due diligence.
  • Valuation: Joshua has extensive experience in valuation of difficult to value securities.  Joshua was a member of and chaired PAAMCO’s Valuation Committee, performed annual valuation testing at hedge fund managers, and has written and presented extensively on this topic.